Some Opinions
& Some Advice.
Just stumbled onto your site from the other side o the globe, below the equator, down south, way down. looking for something re Masters of War / Dylan / Poetry. Thought I wuz a fan……. got sidetracked bigtime by your letters and after an hour of reading, thought– not bad at all. Actually darn good and worthy of two feet with no umbilical cord.

Regards. Erich.
Hi Lisa,
Hey, I love your site! I think thats such a cool idea to post your thoughts that way. and your words move well with a sweet rythm. It’s as if your heart flies right off the page. ( Now I don’t feel so alienated in my love for Bob).Have a great day!

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Have a great weekend.

Lonely Poet
I like your letters to Bob Dylan. I haven’t read them all. Stumbled upon them by mistake while looking up a Rilke poem about God. I can’t decide if you are an obseesed fan or one of the most brilliant writers of our time. I wonder if Bob has read any of them. Bob. Without Dylan beside it, it seems very foreign to just call him an ordinary name like Bob.

Nice work Lisa. I have been meaning to write to you to say so for some time. I found you (again just now) while stumbling through StumbleUpon.com. I was particularly taken by your Letter to Bob Dylan. I have followed Bob’s career from the beginning — I have some great stories about the times I met him — and he has been a big influence on my own writing. BTW, just in passing, I saw a strange mention of my work and a note I wrote to an editor back in 1975 (when you must have been about six years old) on a rare booksellers website I stumble on by accident today… to tired to write more at the moment but I did want to let you know I like what you are doing.

Stumbling on,

I was reminded that order and precedence influence judgment, and more importantly, not to always trust them.
This morning, with a fresh cup of coffee as warm Nebraska sunshine surged through my windows, I looked forward to a few hours of soaking up some good poetry. My journal writing has been checkmated lately for some reason, and poetry provides pabulum for the soul. Starving, I found only junk food – Oreos, Twinkies and more fluff than could possibly be found in even the biggest of éclairs. I waived them off, site after site. Then, boom – alittlepoetry.com found its way to my screen and I was immediately struck by the link, “Dear Bob Dylan.” “Finally,” I thought, “here we go. Sustenance at last.” Nearing the end of the first letter, my mouse immediately began issuing orders to the cursor to head directly to the browser’s “Back” button and get the hell out of there. Another ho-hum whatever.
But no click on the mouse. I read the second letter. The third. Within minutes, my hand had abdicated it’s position on the mouse and joined the other to provide a resting place for my chin. I read more. I visited your website. I read your poetry. I became lost in it. While re-reading “Dreams” the phone rang and slammed me back into this world and I instantly hated whoever it was for being so inconsiderate.
I returned to Dylan letters for a while, then looked out of the window and saw a dragonfly flicker past with a sense of purpose. Sweet. It’s about time.

Lisa Zaran
What a pleasure to wake up and read your Letters to Bob Dylan this morning. It made me late. I emailed links around to my usual suspects.

I read your letters and despaired. I thought I was the only one whose
thoughts Bob Dylan had stolen. I too have been writing, writing,
writing myself out of a hole, but my efforts are dust compared to
yours. Except that when I’m writing, I’m out of the hole, and when I
stop I sometimes fall back in – a little bit.
I’ve never written one of these to someone out there, certainly not to
a rival in love. Good God, I even have a birthmark, mine like a fish,
not nearly so pretty as a snowflake.

I saw your site on Expecting Rain. What can I say to YOU? Nothin’ much, except wow. At least for now. Thanks for being you.

Dear Lisa Zaran,

I just found out about your Dear Bob Dylan letters. It is now that I see I’m
not the only one with this feeling, for which there are no words. I want to
thank you for showing me that you can think whatever you feel like thinking.
I haven’t thought a lot about this letter though, so it might just consist
of some empty thoughts. But your letters inspired me to fill those thoughts
in my own mind. Actually, this is all I had to say.. just pressing the
‘send’-button will make my day. Then I will read every single one of your
letters, maybe one a day, maybe all in one night, I don’t know. Thank you.

Kind regards,
Hi lisa
I’m writing from France i’ve just read your love letters to Bob and one more time i think he’s a lucky man !
Your words are like caresses and as a man i understand and feel them and you move me because you’re beautiful and sincere . When women decide to go public they don’t fear anybody or anything and you’re right !!!
i think i’ll copy your letters because they’re beautiful ; your womanhood your sensuality are gifts and he deserves that ‘kind of gift’
Lisa i wish you love and happiness

Kisses from J-M
Hello Lisa, I have just read your letters to Bob Dylan and they are truly wonderful. I like you stumbled upon BD quite by accident, turned to my husband of 40 years and said, “I will learn as much as I can about this man before one of us dies.” I, too think of him often, listen to his music daily and read, watch all I can to understand his words. Has he ever answered you?

Sincerely, Saundy
A 2 night marathon of exquisite reading!
I thank you Lisa.
“May you build a ladder to the sky
and climb on every rung,………………………………………………………….”

Hi Lisa,
Just had to drop you a note – discovered your blog today thanks to Expecting Rain and love it. Was reading through the entries and thought, my God she’s a great writer and then saw that you are a poet and thought, my God I’m such an idiot.
But anyway, just had to shoot you a quick note.

God bless,
Hallo Lisa,
I found your web site “ Dear Bob Dylan”. Oh, why you write so, like I think it.

I’m waiting for another Dylan letter and hope you’ll post a birthday one :)))
Have a great day!!!

Dear Lisa,
I too feel that Bob Dylan has made such an impact on my life that I have been lifted up spiritually, physically, and completely by his essence and the fundamental raw nature of his words, his inflection, and his human and beautifully flawed voice. I love the stories of his journey to where he is today and the million little things that helped to guide and shape him!
I enjoyed reading many of your letters and poems. One of the many reasons that I love Bob Dylan (and believe me, there are many) is his stunning use of metaphor and personification. Oh how I wish I could be a poet too! Your work has inspired me, but alas, I have a mundane job to think about for now.
Best wishes to you in your own journey.

Dear Lisa,

Oh, I can’t thank you and the stars enough (and Bob!) for leading me to your incredibly beautiful letters. They echo so much of how I feel these days…
It’s as if you are talking and writing all the deepest feelings so many of us have regarding him… but we just can’t seem to get past the murkiness of our own lives to really express it all. How blessed we are by him- and he doesn’t even know it.
Thanks so much- and I’ll be following…